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Critique the Papillon Ears and Ear set

This page will take a few minutes to load. (please be patient)


  • Look at Pictures 1 through 15. 

  • Critique all 15 ears and ear sets.  Give your opinion of all 15 ears (if you choose to).

  • Pick 1 as the all round Papillon Ears

  • Pick 1 as the worst all round Papillon ears. 

  • Reply to Papillon-edu email group with your opinions.  When opinions stop coming in we will tally up the over all opinions for and return the findings to the email group.

The Current Papillon Standard referencing ears (US), effective July 31, 1991

Ears The ears of either the erect or drop type should be large with
rounded tips, and set on the sides and toward the back of the head.
(1) Ears of the erect type are carried obliquely and move like the
spread wings of a butterfly. When alert, each ear forms an angle of
approximately 45 degrees to the head. The leather should be of
sufficient strength to maintain the erect position. (2) Ears of the
drop type, known as the Phalene, are similar to the erect type, but
are carried drooping and must be completely down. Faults-Ears small,
pointed, set too high; one ear up, or ears partly down.

(obliquely – Slanting or Sloping. Geometry: neither parallel nor
perpendicular. definition from the American Heritage Dictionary)


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Tabulation of Ear Critique

(compiled by members of Papillon-edu)

1.  soft, correct, beautiful fringe, Best, very nice, Best, correct, long fringe good

2.  ok, ok, pointed, ok like size and set, like correct-pointed, pointed-narrow
3.  high, ok, young-potential, nice-young, to big, correct, huge, young
4.  high, close, pointed-small, high, great potential, high, correct-pointed, pointed high
5.  low, level, low-pointed, low-back, pointy, correct-pointed, fine-low
6.  ok, ok, small, ok, low, nice size, like, high-pointed, correct
7.  high, to close, nice-huge, high, high, nice-high, high-correct size
8.  good, pointed, medium size, pointed, small, pointy, correct-pointed
9.  best, ok, beautiful, lovely-high, nice-close, like, best, high-pointed, #2, good size
10. broken, Phalene, level-phalene?, soft, soft, folded, not correct, worst
11. low-small, small, low, small, low, terrific, correct, wideset
12. small-set good, small, small, small, small, small, hi-small, small, 
13.  small-set good, pricked, pointed-small, pointed, small, small, small, correct set-pointed, small-pointed, small pointed.
14. high, close, nice shape, nice close, high, stright up close, high high, too high 
15. pinned, worse, narrow pointed, poor set, horrible-small, high, don't like, worst, pinned back.


[1,#1overall favorite best ears best fringe]  [2.  ok, pointed narrow] [ 3.  high, big, young dog] [4.  high, close correct set] [5.  low level pointed] [6. mixed reviews ok] [7. high correct size [8.  good but pointed] [9.  #2 overall favorite beautiful good size] [10.#2 least favorite soft ears] [11. low & small] [12. small] [13.  small set good but pointed] [14 high nice shape] [15.  #1 least favorite pinned, small, narrow]

Moderator Notes:

Dog #1 Appears to have huge lush fringe, does he have a correct ear size or is it an allusion because of the fringe?  
Dog #2 is an adult, ear fringe never developed
Dog #3 is puppy.
Dog #4 is a companion pet.  
Dog #7 is a puppy and with maturity grew into those huge ears.
Dog #10 is not a Phalène but in fact a Papillon with ears that creased 1/2 way at the ear leather.
Dog #13 Matured and grew fringe, now appears to have more correct ears (see pic. below)
Dog #15 is a Phalène turned upside down for the picture.  This picture goes to proves Phalenes make ugly Papillons and the shape of a correct eared Phalène should not look like a Papillon ear. <gg> (see pic. below)



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