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Papillon-edu list rules

(You will receive this by email upon list subscription.  Rules may be revised as needed by the list owners and moderators.)


Hello and a Pappy Welcome to fun, informative, non flaming, breeder based list.

Our personal wish is that experienced Pap people receive enjoyment by mentoring a newbie and the newbie gains knowledge that someday they can pass onto other new Pap fanciers. Our goal it to provide a medium for a fun list where people are not afraid to participate, learn and enjoy.

**PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE MESSAGE** This is Papillon-edu List Guidelines.

As a pre list warning posts from Pap-edu do bounce occasionally. If you feel you are missing out on part of a thread or your post did not make it to the list please check the list archives. Bouncing posts are usually caused by to much mail in the subscribers in box or the subscriber being over their email bandwidth.

If you have any software or setting in place to stop or prevent e-mails, such as spam stopping e-mail programs, you will need to enable your system to accept e-mail from papillon-edu@yahoogroups.com and showpaps.com. AOL subscribers need to put papillon-edu@yahoogroups.com into their address book.

Many People call this list the "Breeders List". Pap-edu, welcomes experienced breed fanciers as well as the novice conformation exhibitor wanting to learn showing and breeding Papillons. To become subscribed to Pap-edu new members must have a sponsor already subscribed to Pap-edu for a period of 90 days. Members must own a show prospect or a show quality Papillon to be a member of this list. Papillon-edu is here to provide a positive constructive breed forum that promises to moderate the negative influences that can happen on an email list.

What is Papillon-edu? It is a Private email list for the Papillon fancier who is interested in discussing educational topics such as; Health, Genetics Structure, Type, Temperament, Movement, Breeding, Whelping, Raising puppies, Handling, and Conformation. This list will not treat any Papillon questions as a dumb question. Sometimes, some subjects can be really really informative, and pack full of knowledge. During those periods the list can be high volume posting periods.

Papillon-edu list topics:

a. Topics on breed education is mandatory to the list.
There are other lists for topics that serve as a better forum for discussing; Papillon Club information, rescue, companion pet ownership chat, pappy pet gatherings and animal rights.

b. Post contents will be primarily about Papillons and Phalenes, unless the breed of dog discussed has significant educational value linking it to Papillons and Phalenes.

c. Brags, Wins, New Champions, Litter Announcements and Memorial posts about Papillons are allowed as long as they do not become excessive. Please hold brags until the designated brag days of Sunday and Monday. Brag replies are not necessary for each brag. Note: Majority of the current Papillon-edu listers agree. They would prefer to keep brag replies at a minimum. Sending a brag reply by private email would be very much appreciated.

d. Posts to Papillon-edu which might be interrupted as kennel a advertisements will not be allowed without permission of the list owner.

e. Mentioning of items or products sold by members or non members for Papillons ARE allowed when it applies to a list subject. The list will not be used as a tool to push items that are for sale, auction or raffle, by either members, non members, or clubs.

f. Attachments are allowed. We welcome pictures on the list that are part of the list thread.

Brag, Pictures, and occasional bitches =) are on SUNDAY and MONDAY. If you have pictures of new litters, new dogs, or a terrific brag about a show win please hold them until brag and picture day. Special Event and Best in Show brags are allowed as needed. Try to make replies to Brags and Pictures as a private reply.

g. If you want to post an announcement or discuss a issue that is against list rules contact a moderator for permission to post that topic to the list.

Membership will be composed of Friendly information sharing question asking Papillon Owners, Breeders, and Exhibitors. To keep the list a small personal forum membership we have limited the amount of people that can be subscribed to the list.

List Posting and Participation rules:

a. Please conduct yourself in a productive educational manner.

b. Suggestions for special breed topics or critiques is encouraged.

c. Polite disagreements are allowed. Then we will agree to disagree and go on.

d. No personal vendetta's or slander of kennel lines or dogs. No alluding to or pointing fingers at other members in a slanderous manner. No hypothetical questions or discussion of ethics whether it is in competition, dog care & grooming, breeders, or breeding ethics, we are not hear to discuss and act as judge and jury to other competitors or dog fanciers.

e. Information will be to the best of the listers knowledge, truthful & factual.

f. Papillon Genetic or any health disclosure is allowed by the dogs owner, co-owner or duly authorized representative Disclosure are to be sent to the list owner and acknowledged by email reply from the list owner before being sent to Papillon-edu. Papillon-edu accepts no liability for the content of Genetic or Health, Disclosure emails, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Recipients disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on Genetic or Health, Disclosure contents is strictly prohibited.

g. Posts in the nature of "slamming" list members will NOT be tolerated and will result in removal from the list. No heckling, trolling or stirring of emotions for the sake of argument or grammar & spelling corrections will be allowed on the list.

h. Politics and religion dog related or personal as topics or subject lines are considered not appropriate for the list.
1. This is not a dog club list. Please try to keep discussion related to Papillon or dog club changes or elections or club problems off list.

i. Active members wanted and encouraged!!!

For the Papillon-edu list to be viable and wonderful resource. The listers should give back some of what they receive. We all need to share our talents, our gifts that we brought to this world. When we give freely of our gifts, we feel wonderful, we feel on purpose, and we are assured of receiving.

New Listers may want to sit back and read for a couple of weeks to get familiar with the other listers and the list flow.

j.All email sent to Papillon-edu should be signed by the listers name. Kennel name if you have one. A website URL and Area of Residence is suggested.

k. Off topic posts should state OT in the subject line. (keep OT's to a minimum please)

l. Replies made to Papillon-edu list email will go directly to the list, not privately to the person who wrote the original post.
m. Forwarding, cross posting or cross topics of list mail to non subscribers or other email list(s) is prohibited without the express written consent of Papillon-edu owners and original author of the post.
n. Cross posting; CROSS POSTING a NO NO! A post sent exactly the same to several Papillon lists. No matter if it is CC or BCC folks it is all the same ... it is Cross posting! Could you try really hard to not do that?

Cross topics: Please help keep Papillon-edu discussion unique to Papillons. We hope you won't start the same topic on other email group lists. Crossing topics gets confusing.... Not everyone is or wants to be subscribed to several Papillon email lists. There are many Pap-edu subscribers whom are only subscribed to Pap-edu.

o. ALL messages sent through Papillon-edu are Copyright by the original poster. Opinions, text and attachments, on this list, are strictly those of the original poster & do not necessarily represent the opinions of other list members, the list owners, moderators, or their representatives.

p. Permission must be obtained from the original author for the reuse of any and all text (whole or in part).

q. By subscribing to Papillon-edu you agree that the List owners and moderators will not be held personally or financially responsible for any list mail or it's contents and you agree to abide by the Papillon-edu list rules.

Please Note: It is the ultimate decision of the list owner if they choose to subscribe or re-subscribe a person after they have or have been unsubscribed for any reason.

We encourage you to help make this list a great one! Ask questions and share your Pap knowledge....OFTEN!

Danny & Ruth Ann Ford - List Owner
Gina Gilmore - Moderator
Deb Cawley - Moderator

*The list owners and moderators reserve the right to amend the Papillon-edu list guidelines as needed.
Last Update; 06/09/10

Danny & Ruth Ann Ford - List Owner

Gina Gilmore - Moderator

Deb Cawley - Moderator




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*The list owners and moderators reserve the right to amend the Papillon-edu list rules as needed.


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